Project : Mast Chocolate
Location : Globally
Disciplines : Creative Direction, Brand Identity, Packaging
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Transforming a category

Taking cues from the fashion space, Mast became known for releasing seasonal collections with design-focused packaging. This practice has since become the roadmap for new food brands.

From 2013 to 2016, New Material partner Nathan Warkentin was the creative director of Mast Brothers Chocolate, where he oversaw all aspects of design: packaging, branding, and retail spaces in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and London.

“The hefty paper with its fanciful designs has attracted as much of a following as their dark chocolate itself.”Vanity Fair

“Those beautiful wrappers (a Mast Brothers trademark) and the dark chocolate bars within have gained international recognition, making their way to artisanal pantries, high-end restaurants, and fine hotels around the world.”Forbes

“Cult chocolate-makers the Mast Brothers have revamped its packaging, stores, and blends, and the bars have never looked, or tasted, so good.”Vogue

“The story of Mast Brothers’ success is essentially a story of packaging.”Eater

“A key selling point to the bars are their boldly printed and designed papers in which they are wrapped in.”Designboom

“Mast’s Creative Director, former menswear designer Nathan Warkentin, has masterminded the graphic wrappers that adorn each bar, breaking away from traditional product pictures to favour simple, abstract packaging.”Design Fizz