New Material is a globally recognized design and architectural studio. We are advisors to, investors in, and creators of businesses in design, retail, hospitality, media, beauty and fashion.

The studio helps large organizations transform and small companies scale with work that spans from business strategy and creative direction, to architecture, product design, content, branding and packaging.

New Material Approach
  • “A new hub emerges for Nordic visual creators” – Hypebeast
  • “The Coolest Work Space Is, Of Course, In Stockholm” – Vogue
  • “Austere is one of the most innovative shops in LA and a gathering spot for the creative set…” – Architectural Digest
  • “Every Swede in the 90s knew the dots design. Now its back.” – Wired
  • “The Coolest Pop-Up Shop We’ve Ever Seen” – FastCo Design
  • “New Material is a reaction against the increasingly inward-looking retail and hospitality industries” – Frame Magazine

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